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About Sky world club

Sky World Club (SW-Club) is a special discount program that earns our loyal Customers extra low rates

Customers are entitled to Loyalty Points earned from reservation value, to be used for a future reservation with Altayyaronline.com. By routinely booking travel services through the Altayyaronline.com Loyalty Program, customers can save even more on top of Altayyaronline.com unbeatable prices.

frequently answered questions

What is the Sky World Club (SW-Club) Program?

Our Loyalty Program is a special discount program that earns our loyal customers extra low rates for all of their reservations made via altayyaronline.com.

How do I join the Sky World Club (SW-Club)?

You join the Loyalty Program automatically once you registered in altayyaronline.com and your booking is confirmed. Joining the Loyalty Program is absolutely free, and entails no extra charge.

What are SW-Club Points?

SW-Club Points are credits generated by booking travel services through our website. These Loyalty points are awarded to you with every confirmed booking and can be used as credits/savings towards account balances or future travel services booked via our website.

How do I earn SW-Club Points?

Every time that you book travel services through altayyaronline.com you will earn Loyalty Points in proportion to the booking invoice value and the hotel’s Loyalty Value (if relevant), Points will be credited one month after ending your travel booking with Altayyaronline.com for example your travel date is 1- July and return date is 10-july , points will be credited to your account on 11-Augest, in case you have more than one service per booking then it applies to maximum of all service travel / booking date.

What is the value of SW-Club Points?

The value of Loyalty Points earned are based on various parameters such as the destination booked, our margin, specific travel service booked, season, booking pattern and so on, the points to value conversion will be shown to you while making your next booking on payment page.

What is the SW-Club Points value of the travel service I wish to reserve?

The Loyalty Points appear on the purchase/ payment page

How do I use my SW-Club Points?

In your profile page you can see the current value and status of all of your SW-Club points and you can redeem your SW-Club points (all or a portion of it) in Payment page, points redemption area.

Do I receive SW-Club Points for the part of a transaction paid for with SW-Club Points?

No. You will only receive Loyalty Credit for the part of a transaction paid with Credit card

How can I know how many SW-Club Points I will earn for each reservation?

Your SW-Club Points are based on the numeric value of your respective reservation. The amount may be occasionally higher for certain properties or destinations, also based to various dynamic factors like region, airline, route, distance etc.

When can I use my SW-Club Points credit?

You will be able to start using your SW-Club points Credit one month after maximum of Travel /booking date and the booked service is completed and paid for.

Can I convert SW-Club Points to cash?

No. You cannot convert SW-Club Points to cash. SW-Club Points can only be used to obtain discounts for new bookings.

Can I pay part of a booking with SW-Club Points and the balance by some other payment method?

Yes. You can allocate a portion or all your valid Bonus Points towards a future booking and pay for the balance by credit card. For example: The booking is for $1000, you pay $400 from you loyalty bonus points towards the booking and the balance is paid by credit card.

Will I receive SW-Club Points for booking that has been cancelled or that is unavailable?

No, SW-Club Points will not be earned for travel services that have been booked and then cancelled or for services that are unavailable.

How can I get points on my purchases from the altayyaronline.com?

  1. Each online confirmed and paid reservation will entitle the customer to SW-Club points and added automatically to his account which can be credited towards future reservations made by customer. Accumulated points can be used as a payment method on the web site.
  2. The system automatically calculates the points value based on the number of points the customer has available. All SW-Club points must be used by expiration date.

What is the process?

  1. By registering on altayyaronline.com you will be a member in Sky World Club
  2. The purchases pointes from the altayyaronline.com will be added automatically to your Sky World Club membership

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