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Private Walking Tour: British Museum ,London, United Kingdom

Duration : 2 hours 30 mins

Enjoy this private tour of the British Museum with a professor of art history or history.

Type : Sightseeing Tours,

Category : Luxury Products Museum Walking/Trekking

Take this walking tour with a difference - led by a Ph.D. level scholar/historian our supplier will provide you with an in-depth alternative to traditional tours, pairing intellectually curious and adventurous travellers with specialists for an in-depth cultural experience. This walk explores how the British Museum came into existence in the mid-eighteenth century during the period of Enlightenment and how different disciplines were born, archaeology, art history, the study of languages and scripts. We'll look at some of the antiquities and languages of ancient Iraq. Large-scale excavation in the ancient Middle East and the race for deciphering hieroglyphic and cuneiform scripts were inspired by the finds of Mesopotamia and Persia. The beginning of the British Museum is inextricable tied top the European re-discovery of these ancient cultures. We'll talk about how archaeology evolved from the work of antiquaries; how art history was born with the study of ancient Greek and how Greek art set the standard for the next 200 years of what was considered the model of fully evolved art. We then move onto discussing how ancient texts came to be deciphered and we will compare the ways in which hieroglyphs and cuneiform, the two earliest scripts, were cracked. Our discussion will be illustrated by the Rosetta Stone which now lives in the British Museum, along with about 130,000 pieces of cuneiform tablets from ancient Iraq, some of which are on display.

Includes : Services of a guide, visit of the British Museum

Note : As this is a walking tour comfortable shoes are recommended. Our supplier is committed to providing intellectually curious and adventurous travellers with specialist guides and professionals for an in-depth cultural experience. In case of any urgent problems with this tour (can not locate the guide/meeting point etc), please call + 1 646 863 5002 (24 hour number).

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