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Private Walking Tour: Montmartre ,Paris, France

Duration : 3 hours

Led by a Ph.D. level scholar/historian, enjoy a private tour of Paris' enigmatic Montmartre neighborhood, the village of Paris and home to many impressionist and modern artists.

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Take this walking tour with a difference - led by a Ph.D. level scholar/historian our supplier will provide you with an in-depth alternative to traditional tours, pairing intellectually curious and adventurous travellers with specialists for an in-depth cultural experience. The neighborhood of Montmartre, situated on a hill above Paris' Right Bank, has always stood apart from the rest of the city. As rents in central Paris rose in the early 1900s, artists and bohemians of all types flocked to its leafy, steep streets, transforming it from a sleepy quarter into one of the most important centers for art and radical thought in the world. During this three-hour exploration of Montmartre (hill of the martyr) we will look at the traditions, lifestyle, and bohemian character of the neighborhood as it has evolved over the centuries. Beginning near the Abbesses metro we'll trace the route of Saint Denis and discuss the importance of the quarter in Christianity as the home of the Society of Jesuits was founded here. By the time the 20th century arrived places like the Moulin de la Gallette, sprang up in droves making Paris famous for its night life. Throughout this walk we'll strive to put Montmartre within an urban and social context, painting a vivid portrait of the key figures who have lived here and been inspired here throughout history. This is a great walk for people intrigued by the art and intellectual movements of the early 20th century.

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Note : As this is a walking tour comfortable shoes are recommended. Our supplier is committed to providing intellectually curious and adventurous travellers with specialist guides and professionals for an in-depth cultural experience. In case of any urgent problems with this tour (can not locate the guide/meeting point etc), please call local number +33 1 7061 0766 or + 1 646 863 5002 (24 hour number).

Additional Information : Bookings of over 6 passengers may be split into smaller groups due to the limited capacity of the transportation available.