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Tunis Air Online Booking

Tunis Air, Booking one way, round trip, multi destination on Tunis Air or you can also choose and book for Tunis Air Economy Class, Business Class & First Class air ticket reservation, get discount and special fares, Altayyar online offer year-round discount on Tunis Air flights to all routes and destinations

TunisAir Online Booking and Reservations

TunisAir is Tunisia’s flag carrier, it was founded in 1948 and headquarted in Tunis around Tunis Airport. This Tunisian Airlines, where it’s mainly based in Tunis-Carthage International Airport, serves international destinations such as to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, and it is a member in the Arab Air Carriers Organization. TunisAir has a subsidiary called TunisAir Express where at first it provided domestic flights within Tunisia only, then in 2000 it launched its international flights to Libya, Italy, Tunisia, and Malta.

Search, Find, and Book!

With Online booking services, Search for deals and packages and find the cheapest airfares on TunisAir, then book a complete trip and enjoy it at low costs.

TunisAir cheap flights offers with Altayyar Online booking

Al Tayyar Online is here to help do the search for you! You can look for flights for Casablanca (Morocco), Dubai (UAE), Beirut (Lebanon), Kuwait, and even Istanbul (Turkey) or any place worldwide. With Altayyar Online, travel on this Tunisian Airline after planning the entire trip from the departure time till the arrival time online from anywhere.

TunisAir Fleet Information

TunisAir fleet contains 33 modern Airbus and Boeing aircraft. And this Tunisian Airlines cares about providing high standards of quality, safety, and services. Onboard with TunisAir, inflight magazines are offered to help passengers enjoy their time on its planes, and also a special list of delicious meals is presented to its precious clients. TunisAir Business Class has a special service provided called “Espace Privilege”, this is to make the passengers’ travel experience a comfortable and prestigious one with the additional space in their cabin and their ergonomic seats. Espace Privilege offers Check in counters dedicated especially for Business Class travelers to save their time, and an exclusive access to the Espace Privilege lounge.

TunisAir flight info: status, online check in, and baggage allowance

Booking on TunisAir means you get to view the flights status and schedules online. And even more, clients of TunisAir Business Class have special check in counters to make their trip smoother. As for TunisAir Baggage Allowance, the “Piece Concept” is followed as a standard policy, so now passengers are allowed for checked in baggage depending on the flights details, destination, and the cabin class. But if the connections or flights are from and to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, Business Class travelers are allowed 2 pieces of checked in luggage weighing 32 kg each, and for TunisAir Economy Class it will be 2 pieces of check in baggage with 23 kg each. Over all, any single piece exceeding 32 kg will be carried in cargo.

TunisAir Frequent Flyer Program

FIDELYS loyalty program is dedicated especially from TunisAir to its frequent flyers. With TunisAir Fidelys members get access to a lot of exclusive benefits, miles, and rewards. Miles earned can be redeemed against TunisAir tickets, to be used for flights to many domestic and international destinations TunisAir Fidelys has three membership tiers: Classic, Silver, and Gold, and each has its own advantages for TunisAir privileged clients.

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TunisAir reservations to Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, Beirut, or anywhere in the world are now easier with Al Tayyar Online, where you can even find the cheapest TunisAir tickets to your favorite destination. You don’t need to look up the deals or holiday packages when Altayyar Online will do the search for you to give you access to all airfares, so you can choose the most convenient offer for your trip.

How to find low fares and buy online air tickets for Tunis Air?

  • To get cheap tickets we recommend to choose Tunis Air Economy class as other classes such as Business class or First Class are generally expensive.
  • You can compare other airlines fares for the same travel date and destination, this can save your money
  • We suggest to choose Round trip flights to get the best cheapest round trip fares, generally it's cheaper than two one way fares.
  • In order to get dirt cheap air fare you should book in advance and go through low seasons or off peak times

What is the maximum number of passenger can accommodate in single booking?

  • there is a limit up to 9 passengers in a booking, but you can choose to have more than one booking
  • for travellers more than 9 we suggest you to call us, we can help you with a group booking

Is there any limit of Infant travellers?

  • Yes, number of infants are not allowed more than number of Adult passenger count in single booking
  • Most cases, 2 infants with 2 Adult travellers are allowed

Can I choose my preference for the meal while traveling with Tunis Air?

  • we have the option that passes your meal or seat preference to the airline, they hold the right to serve based on fare and ticket availability
  • if you need special assistance we always suggest you to call us or contact Tunis Air

How to find cheap fares for Tunis Air?

  • We suggest choosing Economy class for cheap airlines tickets
  • Save your money, compare other airlines fares for the same travel date, you can find them on our result page
  • book as early as possible and avoid last minute flights and fare hikes by the Tunis Air

How to get discount on last minute travel for Tunis Air?

  • For last minute flight ticket deals, please register with our loyalty program to get benefits, we also have negotiated special fares which are published by Tunis Air exclusive for our online registered loyal customers
  • We also publish time to time attractive discounts on Tunis Air flights

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Can I book Hotels with your website?

Book routes and destinations on Tunis Air

  • Flights from Istanbul, Turkey - Ataturk Airport(IST)

    • Istanbul To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Madrid, Spain - Barajas Airport(MAD)

    • Madrid To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Barcelona, Spain - Barcelona Airport(BCN)

    • Barcelona To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Basel, Switzerland - Basel Mulhouse Airport(BSL)

    • Basel To Djerba, Tunisia
  • Flights from Beirut, Lebanon - Beirut Intl Airport(BEY)

    • Beirut To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Belgrade, Yugoslavia - Belgrade Beograd Airport(BEG)

    • Belgrade To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - Benghazi(BEN)

    • Benghazi To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Toulouse, France - Blagnac Airport(TLS)

    • Toulouse To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Bordeaux, France - Bordeaux Airport(BOD)

    • Bordeaux To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Brussels, Belgium - Brussels National Airport(BRU)

    • Brussels To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Brussels To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Brussels To Monastir, Tunisia
  • Flights from Cairo, Egypt - Cairo Intl Airport(CAI)

    • Cairo To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Tunis, Tunisia - Carthage Airport(TUN)

    • Tunis To Istanbul, Turkey
    • Tunis To Madrid, Spain
    • Tunis To Barcelona, Spain
    • Tunis To Beirut, Lebanon
    • Tunis To Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    • Tunis To Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    • Tunis To Toulouse, France
    • Tunis To Bordeaux, France
    • Tunis To Brussels, Belgium
    • Tunis To Cairo, Egypt
    • Tunis To Nantes, France
    • Tunis To Nice, France
    • Tunis To Moscow, Russian Federation
    • Tunis To Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Tunis To Dusseldorf, Germany
    • Tunis To Strasbourg, France
    • Tunis To Oran, Algeria
    • Tunis To Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    • Tunis To Frankfurt, Germany
    • Tunis To Munich, Germany
    • Tunis To Hamburg, Germany
    • Tunis To Geneva, Switzerland
    • Tunis To Bologna, Italy
    • Tunis To London, United Kingdom
    • Tunis To Algiers, Algeria
    • Tunis To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    • Tunis To Kuwait, Kuwait
    • Tunis To Rome, Italy
    • Tunis To Dakar, Senegal
    • Tunis To Lille, France
    • Tunis To Lisbon, Portugal
    • Tunis To Milan, Italy
    • Tunis To Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Tunis To Venice, Italy
    • Tunis To Marseille, France
    • Tunis To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Tunis To Misurata , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    • Tunis To Casablanca, Morocco
    • Tunis To Nouakchott, Mauritania
    • Tunis To Paris, France
    • Tunis To Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
    • Tunis To Madinah, Saudi Arabia
    • Tunis To Palermo, Italy
    • Tunis To Lyon, France
    • Tunis To Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Tunis To Berlin, Germany
    • Tunis To Vienna, Austria
    • Tunis To Bamako, Mali
    • Tunis To Bilbao, Spain
    • Tunis To Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    • Tunis To Zurich, Switzerland
  • Flights from Paris, France - Charles De Gaulle Intl Airport(CDG)

    • Paris To Sfax, Tunisia
  • Flights from Nantes, France - Chateau Bougon Airport(NTE)

    • Nantes To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Nantes To Djerba, Tunisia
  • Flights from Nice, France - Cote D Azur Airport(NCE)

    • Nice To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Nice To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Nice To Monastir, Tunisia
  • Flights from Moscow, Russian Federation - Domodedovo Airport(DME)

    • Moscow To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai Intl Airport(DXB)

    • Dubai To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Dusseldorf, Germany - Dusseldorf Airport(DUS)

    • Dusseldorf To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Dusseldorf To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Dusseldorf To Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Flights from Sfax, Tunisia - El Maou Airport(SFA)

    • Sfax To Paris, France
    • Sfax To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Flights from Strasbourg, France - Enzheim Airport(SXB)

    • Strasbourg To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Strasbourg To Djerba, Tunisia
  • Flights from Oran, Algeria - Es Senia(ORN)

    • Oran To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport(ABJ)

    • Abidjan To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Frankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt Intl(FRA)

    • Frankfurt To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Frankfurt To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Frankfurt To Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Flights from Munich, Germany - Franz Josef Strauss Airport(MUC)

    • Munich To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Munich To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Munich To Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Flights from Hamburg, Germany - Fuhlsbuettel Airport(HAM)

    • Hamburg To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Hamburg To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Hamburg To Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Flights from Geneva, Switzerland - Geneve Cointrin(GVA)

    • Geneva To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Geneva To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Geneva To Monastir, Tunisia
    • Geneva To Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Flights from Bologna, Italy - Guglielmo Marconi(BLQ)

    • Bologna To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from London, United Kingdom - Heathrow(LHR)

    • London To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Algiers, Algeria - Houari Boumedienne Airport(ALG)

    • Algiers To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - Jeddah Intl(JED)

    • Jeddah To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Jeddah To Sfax, Tunisia
  • Flights from Kuwait, Kuwait - Kuwait Intl(KWI)

    • Kuwait To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Rome, Italy - Leonardo Da Vinci(FCO)

    • Rome To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Dakar, Senegal - Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport(DKR)

    • Dakar To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Lille, France - Lesquin Airport(LIL)

    • Lille To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Lisbon, Portugal - Lisbona(LIS)

    • Lisbon To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Milan, Italy - Malpensa Airport(MXP)

    • Milan To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Manchester, United Kingdom - Manchester Intl(MAN)

    • Manchester To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Venice, Italy - Marco Polo Airport(VCE)

    • Venice To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Marseille, France - Marseille Provence Airport(MRS)

    • Marseille To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Marseille To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Marseille To Monastir, Tunisia
  • Flights from Djerba, Tunisia - Melita Airport(DJE)

    • Djerba To Basel, Switzerland
    • Djerba To Brussels, Belgium
    • Djerba To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Djerba To Nantes, France
    • Djerba To Nice, France
    • Djerba To Dusseldorf, Germany
    • Djerba To Strasbourg, France
    • Djerba To Frankfurt, Germany
    • Djerba To Munich, Germany
    • Djerba To Hamburg, Germany
    • Djerba To Geneva, Switzerland
    • Djerba To Marseille, France
    • Djerba To Paris, France
    • Djerba To Lyon, France
    • Djerba To Zurich, Switzerland
  • Flights from Misurata , Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - Misurata Airport(MRA)

    • Misurata To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Casablanca, Morocco - Mohamed V Airport(CMN)

    • Casablanca To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Nouakchott, Mauritania - Nouakchott Airport(NKC)

    • Nouakchott To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Paris, France - Orly Airport(ORY)

    • Paris To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Paris To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Paris To Monastir, Tunisia
  • Flights from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou Airport(OUA)

    • Ouagadougou To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Madinah, Saudi Arabia - Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport(MED)

    • Madinah To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Palermo, Italy - Punta Raisi Airport(PMO)

    • Palermo To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Lyon, France - Satolas Airport(LYS)

    • Lyon To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Lyon To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Lyon To Monastir, Tunisia
  • Flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands - Schiphol Airport(AMS)

    • Amsterdam To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Berlin, Germany - Schoenefeld Airport(SXF)

    • Berlin To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Berlin To Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Flights from Vienna, Austria - Schwechat Airport(VIE)

    • Vienna To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Bamako, Mali - Senou Airport(BKO)

    • Bamako To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Monastir, Tunisia - Skanes Airport(MIR)

    • Monastir To Brussels, Belgium
    • Monastir To Nice, France
    • Monastir To Geneva, Switzerland
    • Monastir To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    • Monastir To Marseille, France
    • Monastir To Paris, France
    • Monastir To Madinah, Saudi Arabia
    • Monastir To Lyon, France
  • Flights from Bilbao, Spain - Sondica Airport(BIO)

    • Bilbao To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Tozeur, Tunisia - Tozeur Airport(TOE)

    • Tozeur To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Flights from Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya - Tripoli Intl Airport(TIP)

    • Tripoli To Tunis, Tunisia
  • Flights from Hammamet, Tunisia - Zine Elabidine Ben Ali(NBE)

    • Hammamet To Dusseldorf, Germany
    • Hammamet To Frankfurt, Germany
    • Hammamet To Munich, Germany
    • Hammamet To Hamburg, Germany
    • Hammamet To Geneva, Switzerland
    • Hammamet To Berlin, Germany
    • Hammamet To Zurich, Switzerland
  • Flights from Zurich, Switzerland - Zurich Airport(ZRH)

    • Zurich To Tunis, Tunisia
    • Zurich To Djerba, Tunisia
    • Zurich To Hammamet, Tunisia