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Nile Air, Nile Air Online Booking

Nile Air Online Booking

Nile Air, Booking one way, round trip, multi destination on Nile Air or you can also choose and book for Nile Air Economy Class, Business Class & First Class air ticket reservation, get discount and special fares, Altayyar online offer year-round discount on Nile Air flights to all routes and destinations

Nile Air, Safe and Comfortable Travelling Experience

Nile Air was established by Al Tayyar Group in 2008; however, their operations didn’t start until 2010. Nile Airlines initial destination was to Saudi Arabia, shortly after that they expanded their operations to other destinations in the Middle East. Nile Air Airline headquarters is located in front of Cairo International Airport in Egypt. El Nil Airlines flies across 14 vital cities in the Middle East such as Tabuk, Gassim, Cairo and Yenbo. And they are planning to expand their travelling destination to international cities such as; Milano, Italy

Nile Air Fleet Information

Nile Air fleet has been operating for more than 6 years. They have two Airbus A320-232 aircrafts which are considered among the best passenger airplanes in the world. The Airbus A320 series is known for their superior performance on short and medium routes. The series has a standard of 142 passengers in a two class comfortable cabin. The advanced technology of Airbus A320 makes them ideas to provide safe comfortable travelling experience in addition, the optimized wing design guarantees easier trouble shooting and less maintenance costs.

Nile Air inflight services and Baggage Allowance

Nile Air has many inflight service options to choose from. For example you would be able to choose from a menu of delicious meals made by their best chefs. And if you would like some classy entertainment, you will be able to choose from latest movies, TV shows and series and get the latest updates and news while you are setting comfortably on your seat.

Nile Airlines baggage allowance varies according to different destinations so make sure to check the allowed baggage weight before your flight date.

Nile Air Booking

Altayyar group provides you with an easy reliable way to book cheap plane tickets on Nile Air Airlines. You can book air tickets online and check the latest flight schedules updates for Nil Air. You will be able to view and understand flight timings, numbers, and departures and arrivals of Nile Air flights. We also provide you with simplified air tickets booking procedures to help you book your next flight on this great airlines company. You could even get cheap airfare tickets and plan a whole trip on a very low budget. Nile Air is one of the best low cost airlines in the Middle East. You could opt for one way, round trip, multi-destination or domestic and international flights booking and choose the price that suits your budget.

Get Cheap Fly Tickets On Nile Airlines

Nile Air was founded by Al Tayyar group that is why we know exactly how to give you the best discount airline tickets. You will be able to get numerous services and save money for your next flight. Nile airline booking online can be made easily from almost any place in the world so you could plan your next family vacation in Egypt from the comfort of your home or book a flight for Haj or Umrah without going through the hassle of checking different travel agencies. Airline tickets booking should be the easiest step of planning your trip. That is why by choosing airline booking via Al Tayyar Group you would be getting the best booking deals and finish your check-in procedures in no time.

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