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Nile Air Online Booking

Book Nile Air flights, With Altayyar Onlineو you can book one way, round trip, or a multi-destination trip on Nile Air. You can also choose between the different travel classes on Nile Air: Economy Class and Business Class. With Altayyar you can get discounts and special fares on Nile air flights. Altayyar online offers year-round discounts on Nile Air flights to all routes and destinations. Enjoy a free travel insurance on all international flights bookings from Altayyar.

Nile Air offers discounted flight tickets for Hajj and Umrah. The company strives to provide all means of comfort for people seeking Mecca on its aircraft.

About Nile Air

Nile Air was established by Al Tayyar Group in 2008 to be the second largest airline in Egypt after Egypt Air; however, their operations didn’t start until 2010. Nile Airlines initial destination was to Saudi Arabia, shortly after that they expanded their operations to other destinations in the Middle East. Nile Air Airlines headquarter is located in front of Cairo International Airport in Egypt. El Nile Airlines flies across 14 vital cities in the Middle East such as Tabuk, Gassim, Cairo and Yenbo and to other cities in Asia, Africa, Persian Gulf and parts of Europe. Nile Air is planning to expand its flight destinations to other international cities such as; Milano, Italy. Nile Air also operates from Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria which is its secondary hub.

Nile Air Fleet Information

Nile Air fleet has been operating for more than 6 years. The airlines owns and operates two Airbus A320-232 aircraft which are considered among the best passenger aeroplanes in the world. The Airbus A320 series is known for their superior performance on short and medium routes. The series has a standard of 142 passengers in a two-class comfortable cabin. Additionally, the advanced technology of Airbus A320 makes them ideal to provide safe comfortable travelling experience. At the moment, the Nile Air fleet is made up of the following aircraft:

  • 5 Airbus A320-200 aircraft

  • 2 Airbus A321-200 aircraft

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Nile Air offers travellers trips to many destinations including:

  • Al Ain, UAE.

  • Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Hurghada, Egypt.

  • Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

  • Cairo, Egypt.

  • Luxor, Egypt.

  • Aswan, Egypt.

  • Ha'il, KSA.

  • Buraidah, KSA.

  • Abha, KSA.

  • Hofuf, KSA.

  • Sakakah, KSA.

  • Ta’if, KSA.

  • Tabuk, KSA.

  • Yanbu, KSA

  • Jeddah, KSA.

  • Jizan, KSA.

  • Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Kuwait City, Kuwait.

  • Port Sudan, Sudan.

  • Baghdad, Iraq.

  • Basra, Iraq.

  • Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Trips From Cairo Airport

  • Ihsaa - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Jouf - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Abha - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Qassim - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Jizan- Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Ha’il - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Jeddah - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Tabuk - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Ta’if - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Yanbu - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Basrah - Iraq

  • Baghdad - Iraq

  • Kuwait

  • Istanbul - Turkey

  • Ain - United Arab Emirates

  • Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • Port Sudan

  • Hurghada - Egypt

  • Luxor - Egypt

  • Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt

Trips From Alexandria

  • Kuwait

  • Qassim - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Jeddah - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

  • Yanbu - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Nile Air Baggage Policy

Nile Air baggage allowance depends on the destination. It is very important that all passengers verify the exact number of luggage allowed and the weight allowance before the time of the trip. All business class passengers are allowed up to 40 KG for checked-in luggage. Economy class travellers are allowed up to 30 KG of checked-in luggage. Children in all classes are allowed a maximum of 10 KG. All travellers are allowed a handbag of maximum weight 7 KG.

If the luggage of a passenger exceeds the free baggage allowance, extra charges will be applied. Extra charges may be also required for special equipment like diving equipment, skating equipment, etc… If there is enough space, a stroller or a car seat are allowed onto the passengers' cabin, else, strollers and car seats will be admitted with the checked-in luggage but they will not be counted as a part of the luggage allowance. Moreover, Nile Air reserves the right to reject any damaged or not properly packed luggage.

Nile Air Inflight Services And Entertainment

Nile Air offers its passengers an excellent service. Passengers can choose from a rich menu of delicious meals made by the best chefs. Nile Air flights also offer a great entertainment system, passengers are able to choose from the latest collection of TV shows and get the latest updates and news while they are sitting comfortably in their seats. Passengers will be provided headphones by the cabin crew.

Nile Air strives to offer secure and low cost for all its clients. The airlines put a huge emphasis on the safety and comfort of all of its passengers by offering a wide variety of special services.

Nile Air Travel Classes

Travellers on Nile Air Airline can choose between the business class and the economy class.

Economy Class

Economy class passengers receive comfortable seats and hot delicious meals. In addition to a variety of hot and cold drinks. Economy class passengers have a 30 KG of checked-in luggage allowance and a 7 KG handbag.

Business Class

Nile Air Business class travellers enjoy plenty of services onboard and at the airport. At the airport, Business class travellers are granted access to the luxurious Nile Air lounges and enjoy all the services available at the lounge. Additionally, they are eligible for priority check-in and luggage pickup. Onboard, the business class cabin is composed of 16 seats which allow for plenty of privacy and peace for travellers. The Business class seats are adjustable for additional comfort, in addition, a rich menu of fresh, mouth-watering hot meals and snacks is offered along with a variety of drinks.


All travellers can finish their check-in procedures at Nile Air check-in desks available at the airport. All travellers should be ready at the airport 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time and for Hajj (pilgrimage), all travellers are expected to be present at the airport 5 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

Nile Air Booking

Altayyar Online provides you with an easy and reliable way to book cheap flight tickets on Nile Air. You can book air tickets online and check the latest flight schedules and updates for Nile Air through Altayyar online platform. You will also be able to view Nile Air flights departure and arrival schedule. With Altayyar, travellers can book cheap tickets and plan a whole trip on a very low budget. Nile Air is one of the best low-cost airlines in the Middle East. You could opt for one way, round trip, multi-destination or domestic and international flights and choose the price that suits your budget.

Book Cheap Flight Tickets On Nile Airlines

Nile Air was founded by Al Tayyar group. This is why we know exactly how to give you the best Nile Air booking experience. Through Altayyar, you can get great deals and numerous services for your next flight. Our online booking system can be used from any place in the world so you could plan your next family vacation from the comfort of your home. With Altayyar you can also book a flight for Hajj or Umrah without going through the hassle of checking different travel agencies. Airline tickets booking should be the easiest step in planning your trip, this is why by choosing Al Tayyar for booking your flights, you will receive the best booking deals and finish your check-in procedures in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What airports are Nile Air Hubs?

NileAir offers trips from Cairo International Airport, Burj El Arab Airport, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport and Hurghada International Airport.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

Yes, Nile Air policies allow booking cancellations but a form has to be submitted and other terms and conditions apply. You can cancel or make changes to your booking through Altayyar online is the only online booking platform that allows booking changes (or cancellations) to be done 100% online. You can also cancel or change your bookings by contacting us through our call centre.

Can I request a vegetarian meal?

Most airlines allow travellers with special dietary or religious restrictions to order special meals tailored to fulfil their needs on the condition this is done 48 hours (on average) before the scheduled flight departure time. For more information contact us through our call centre, our team is trained to answer all of your questions.

What are the payment options on Altayyar Online?

On Altayyar online, you can pay for your booking through various secure payment methods including SADAD.

What is the maximum number of travellers per single booking?

The maximum number of travellers that can be accommodated per booking is nine. If you wish to make a booking for more than nine travellers then we suggest that you contact us through our call centre so we can arrange a group booking for you. If you wish to proceed without a group booking, you can simply make multiple separate bookings.

What other services are offered by Altayyar Online?

Through Altayyar, you can plan your holiday to the fullest and make all the required bookings easily. Altayyar offers flight bookings at the cheapest prices, hotel reservations, car rentals, transfer to and from the airport service, events and activities reservations and more.

Why book through Altayyar Online?

  • Altayyar online is your one-stop shop for all your travel bookings!

  • Fare-compare, through Altayyar you will be able to compare flights and airfare prices and book the cheapest flight on any airline you prefer.

  • Altayyar online is very easy to use. Your cheap flight ticket, great hotel reservation, rented car or airport transfer service is just a few clicks away.

  • Multiple secure payment options including SADAD.

  • Flight tickets can be paid in instalments. For more information please contact us through our call centre.

  • Altayyar is everywhere around with more than 300 branches in KSA and worldwide.

  • Occasionally, Altayyar online makes offers and discounts on flight tickets and discount coupons are sent to our clients on their email so keep an eye on any emails from Altayyar!

  • Our website is the only flights booking website that allows its customers to change or cancel their booking 100% online.

How to book cheap flights?

  • Create an account on Altayyar so you always receive notifications of our latest offers and discounts.

  • Always consider flying in the Economy class. This will save you a lot of money.

  • Using our search engine, compare the prices of different flight tickets on Nile Air and on other airlines.

  • Most airlines allow travellers to book their flight tickets up to three months in advance. Try to book your ticket as early as possible as this can save you plenty of money.

  • Avoid booking flights in high demand seasons, holidays and weekends. Always book mid-week flights (typically Tuesdays) as they are cheaper on average.

Can I finish my Nile Air check-in online?

At the moment, Nile Air check-in is only available at the airport. To avoid missing your flight, it is highly recommended you arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to flight departure time and in case you are travelling for Hajj, we recommend you arrive 5 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

What is the luggage allowance for Economy class passengers?

Economy class travellers are allowed up to 30 KG of checked-in luggage. Additionally, a 7 KG handbag is allowed for each passenger.

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