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Air Italy Online Booking

Air Italy, Booking one way, round trip, multi destination on Air Italy or you can also choose and book for Air Italy Economy Class, Business Class & First Class air ticket reservation, get discount and special fares, Altayyar online offer year-round discount on Air Italy flights to all routes and destinations

Air Italy

we have made super easy way to book Air Italy airfare with al-tayyar look at the form and fill as you like to travel, choose Air Italy your city of travel and all follow steps
you can choose Air Italy any destination which airlines is flying we have all choices internationl or domestic as you like to travel, choose Air Italy routes served by and follow steps

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we are providing bookings across all the origins of Air Italy

you can choose from your city to any destinations where Air Italy fly

Air Italy clear and easy trip booking steps

it is now easy to fly with Air Italy, just follow simple search and trip booking steps with our website

  • select Air Italy origin, just type 3 letters and we will provide all airport list
  • choose where you want to travel with Air Italy by typing city or airport, first three letters
  • choose date you want to travel, enter travel dates
  • choose Air Italy travel class
  • hit the search button and Air Italy best airfares are ready for you in our flight result page
  • choose Air Italy airline suitable flights using powerful filters for best timing or stops
  • you can choose nonstop flights or any good flights
  • enter your passport and important information for your selected Air Italy flight
  • you must check rules your selected Air Italy flight
  • pay online with Creditcard
that's it, Air Italy ticket is available online, enjoy your travel now!

Looking for Air Italy but want help?

you must check all your travel documents before travelling with Air Italy

check there could be many things you need to check and make sure it's all available before you reach Air Italy check-in desk

  • reach well on time inside the airport, generally, it is depending upon the airline (it could be Air Italy) and city (Air Italy origin or based on your searched airport) you are flying from.
  • Check your baggage weight with allowed baggage for your Air Italy ticket, generally Air Italy baggage allowance differs from your travel booking class
    Allowed baggage for Air Italy ticket is available with your online ticket and if you are not able to find you can check online or call us
  • During the check-in process with Air Italy, you must tell your preferred seat to Air Italy check-in desk.
    we have the facility to choose seats and your preferred meal selection during your flight if Air Italy allow us online to do it for you.
  • You Must Verify Travel documents and it should be ready such as VISA for country you are travelling, call us if need VISA assistance
  • Some countries want the medical background or immunisation cards / documents for travel
  • Verify, if your selected Air Italy flight has a technical stoppage, you must check if there is a need for VISA
  • you must check all requirements before your travel

in case you find difficult you can call us and we will clarify things to you, our trained staff will help you.

Book routes and destinations on Air Italy

  • Flights from Santiago, Cuba - Antonio Maceo Airport(SCU)

    • Santiago To Havana, Cuba
  • Flights from Natal, Brazil - Augusto Severo Intl Airport(NAT)

    • Natal To Milan, Italy
  • Flights from Naples, Italy - Capodichino Airport(NAP)

    • Naples To Catania, Italy
    • Naples To Verona, Italy
  • Flights from Turin, Italy - Citta Di Torino Airport(TRN)

    • Turin To Catania, Italy
  • Flights from Catania, Italy - Fontanarossa Airport(CTA)

    • Catania To Naples, Italy
    • Catania To Turin, Italy
    • Catania To Bologna, Italy
    • Catania To Rome, Italy
    • Catania To Milan, Italy
    • Catania To Verona, Italy
  • Flights from Holguin, Cuba - Frank Pias Airport(HOG)

    • Holguin To Milan, Italy
  • Flights from Bologna, Italy - Guglielmo Marconi(BLQ)

    • Bologna To Catania, Italy
  • Flights from Havana, Cuba - Jose Marti Intl Airport(HAV)

    • Havana To Holguin, Cuba
    • Havana To Rome, Italy
  • Flights from Rome, Italy - Leonardo Da Vinci(FCO)

    • Rome To Santiago, Cuba
    • Rome To Catania, Italy
    • Rome To Mauritius, Mauritius
  • Flights from Milan, Italy - Linate Airport(LIN)

    • Milan To Catania, Italy
    • Milan To Palermo, Italy
  • Flights from Milan, Italy - Malpensa Airport(MXP)

    • Milan To Havana, Cuba
    • Milan To Rome, Italy
    • Milan To Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Flights from Fortaleza, Brazil - Pinto Martines Airport(FOR)

    • Fortaleza To Natal, Brazil
  • Flights from Mauritius, Mauritius - Plaisance Airportt(MRU)

    • Mauritius To Milan, Italy
  • Flights from Palermo, Italy - Punta Raisi Airport(PMO)

    • Palermo To Milan, Italy
  • Flights from Verona, Italy - Verona Airport(VRN)

    • Verona To Naples, Italy
    • Verona To Catania, Italy