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Biman Bangladesh Airlines serves 44 destinations worldwide and having maximum worldwide destinations flying from Bangladesh

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Known facts about most popular destinations of Biman Bangladesh Airlines

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OriginDestinationGet the Deal
RUHDACFlights to dhaka from riyadh
JEDDACFlights to dhaka from jeddah
JEDCGPFlights to chittagong from jeddah
JEDJEDFlights to jeddah from jeddah
DMMDACFlights to dhaka from dammam
RUHZYLFlights to sylhet from riyadh
RUHCGPFlights to chittagong from riyadh
DACCGPFlights to chittagong from dhaka
DACRUHFlights to riyadh from dhaka
RUHKTMFlights to kathmandu from riyadh

Majority of airports serviced by Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates domestic and international flights from the following airports:

Airport CodeCountryAirport NameCount of Flights
DACBDZia Intl Airport23
JEDSAJeddah Intl7
CGPBDPatenga Airport6
DMMSAKing Fahad Airport4
DXBAEDubai Intl Airport3
KULMYKuala Lumpur International Airport3
KTMNPTribuvan Airport2
AUHAEDhabi Intl Airport1
KWIKWKuwait Intl1